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  • right & left inc. is a professional services company, which provides strategic advice and operational guidance to executives and business owners in multiple sectors including retail, technology, media, publishing, education, not for profit, consumer goods, and professional services.
  • right & left inc. was born out of a need for executives and business owners to think differently about their businesses in order to succeed in the midst of our challenging and unpredictable economy.  “right” refers to our ability to foster creativity and innovation, or “right-brained thinking” which must be the starting point for doing business in the current economy.  “left” refers to our strength in critical thinking and analysis.
  • From a consulting standpoint, “right” refers to the strategic innovation we lead, while “left” refers to our ability to operationalize and execute the vision in a way that is sustainable, leading to long term success for your business.
  • Our core service includes development and implementation of new business direction including comprehensive strategies and sound operating plans. We are connected with experienced professional resources in multiple functions to provide creative and content development, operational support, as well as training, in order to help our clients execute their plans to drive stellar results.