Founded in 2010, right & left is a professional services company, which provides strategic advice and guidance to executives, founders, boards, private equity, and business owners in multiple sectors including technology (media, health and wellness, retail, publishing), consumer goods, and professional services.

Our work is to help you scale your business.  We begin by ensuring that your vision for the business is brought to life – through development of a clear and thoughtful strategy.  Then we translate that strategy into a clear and executable operating plan, which we will help you execute, measure, and course-correct along the way.

Examples of our services include:

Strategy and ideation

  • Working with you and your team to understand vision and goals for growth
  • Development of strategy
    • translation of business vision into business strategy
    • detailed marketing strategy
    • product strategy
    • brand positioning and brand strategy
    • Talent  assessment and acquisition strategy
  • Organizational re-design and implementation (based on the strategy)
  • Consumer and customer insight development
  • Strategic turnaround for businesses in distress or projects gone awry

Operations planning and execution

  • Translating strategy into clear and executable operating plan
  • Developing infrastructure and processes to enable growth
  • Development of business management templates including goals and measures to manage execution of plan
  • Deployment of strategy and operating plan to internal and external teams
  • Coaching and development of team to implement plans, including performance assessment
  • New product/service launches
  • Development of annual marketing plans
  • Brand health evaluation
  • Customer service improvement